Unreasonable Lease?

Has your School received 'Good Value' from the leasing company who finance your
photocopiers and IT Equipment?

Or is the agreement UNFAIR! 

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Are your schools lease agreements clear, or somewhat confusing or mis-leading?

Let LAS audit your lease agreements. 

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An LAS Lease Audit will indicate if your agreement is fair and adheres to the requirements of school funding criteria.. It’s FREE , CONFIDENTIAL with NO OBLIGATION.

Potentially saving £000’s for your school budget.

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OUR BEST ADVICE is to take advantage of our FREE Lease Audit as a DUTY OF CARE to your school.


About LAS

Since our crusade started in 2010 we have helped many Schools , Colleges and Academies.


Case Studies

Our current portfolio of cases and claims range
from £5k to £1m+.

Are your schools leasing agreements fair and reasonable?

Since the Leasing Advisory Service was formed in 2010 we have carried out detailed research into the leasing of assets in the UK particularly in the Public Sector. (Schools, Academies and Colleges)

After receiving many lease audit requests from schools mostly in relation to photocopiers, IT equipment and telephone systems we have uncovered some quite astonishing agreements creating significant financial liabilities to these organisations. Overcharging for equipment, misrepresenting facts and offers of free kit and services often revealing ‘underhand’ sales tactics and hidden commissions has resulted in the LAS representing many schools to get their current leases written off and get their money back.

We know there are potentially many more schools to help and it starts with an LAS LEASE Audit which is totally Free.
If you have underlying issues or simply feel your school has received poor value and budgets are tight please do contact us today !

Let us audit and we shall report our findings in total confidence.  Our success has brought £000’s back into many schools budgets.


For more information on our Free Lease Audit
please complete the form below and one of our consultants will contact you personally.

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