How We Operate

This is a quick overview of how we operate. Should you seek our assistance then we will cover all aspects in far greater detail and ensure you are happy with all aspects of the process.

The Agreement
We can consider all asset lease agreements, for almost all equipment. The agreement can be current or a past expired agreement.

The Cost
There are no costs to you for the preparation of the report, or for any works carried out during the claim process. The only fee payable is a ‘success fee’ should we ultimately be successful and save the school money. Full details available on our terms and conditions.

Preparing the Audit Report
We aim to make the process as simple as possible and ensure there is minimum disruption to your hectic school duties.

All we require is sight of the lease agreement and any appropriate information you may wish to tell us.

We look at the lease agreement and then raise the appropriate questions and request any further information required to facilitate the audit. The various options available to you will be made clear, with the potential risks and rewards attaching to each option.
On how to proceed will be solely your decision once you are in receipt of all the facts. We will adhere to your requests ensuring that all appropriate personnel are clear as to the process and all potential outcomes.

The Process
If you decide to proceed with our assistance, you will be required to enter into an agreement with us. This agreement stipulates the relationship between us and covers such points as our duties, your duties and the agreed fee on a successful outcome.

We will also require a letter of authority which will enable us to obtain various further information from the Finance Company and Supplier.

The process is not a quick one. Unfortunately, the time process is not in our hands. We can react immediately to 
 any correspondence, however the other side and should we require legal opinion, will be out of our hands.

It is not uncommon for the Finance Companies to ‘drag their heels’ in responding, knowing the difficult position they are in and hoping that both time and cost issues will result in the case ‘going away’.

We would hope that within 6-8 weeks we will be in a position to accurately inform you as to the position and potential outcome of the case.

The last thing you need is extra work. We will therefore always endeavour to ensure your workload is kept to a minimum, but always ensure you are aware of the current status.

Our aim is a successful one.

If so, we will close the matter down, assist you in any future requirements you may have, we are happy to check over potential new agreements at no cost to you.

Details of the Financial and Reputational risks is covered on a separate page.

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