These are just a handful of successes who have provided testimonial support and there are numerous others who are pleased to recommend the LAS.
We have many other cases in the system. Remember, they all came from a confidential free audit with no obligation, a service which was positively recognised by the MOJ who authorised us in Jan 2014.  

  • Our current portfolio of cases and claims range from £5k to £1m+
  • We have been dealing with Bursars and Business Managers with the support of Headteachers and Governors
  • Our audit is private and confidential with no obligation so you lose nothing by getting the Audit done.
  • You have our full support and we have been to many schools to present our findings and re-assure those parties involved that our service is robust and has been fully vetted by the MOJ .
  • Our case studies and testimonials can be verified by our legal team as required

Academy School - Sandwell and Dudley

Our school had a number of significant lease agreements involving 4 leasing companies putting massive  pressure on the school budget. The  equipment needed upgrading but for various reasons we had many quarterly payments left across our portfolio for 2-3 years. We tentatively approached the LAS who, after their AUDIT,  subsequently took on all 4 and have have achieved splendid results. They have  reduced 1 by more than half and have had the other 3 completely written off. It has saved the school several hundreds of thousands of pounds. The LAS come highly recommended from me and our school and through the LAS legal team I am happy to talk to any sceptics. Thankyou.
Head Teacher
Academy School, Sandwell and Dudley

Primary School in Walsall

Although it took a while The LAS negotiated a settlement on our 7 year lease for a basic telephone and entry system saving the school £15k. This has enabled us to upgrade the hardware and pay for it outright.  We shall avoid leasing contracts now as we were mis-sold and the Leasing Company financed our phone system for 12 times the RRP. Where was their duty of care? It is something we couldn’t have done ourselves as the leasing company were confrontational when we withheld our quarterly payments. The LAS dealt with it on our behalf.
Admin Manager
School in Walsall, West Midlands

Charity based in London

Thanks to the LAS we have had our leased photocopier contract rescinded as the payments were threatening the survival of our charity. The lease agreement did not highlight the marketing support we were promised by the supplier who disappeared after 12 months of a 5 year lease.
Happy to recommend LAS to anyone.

School in Lancashire

In changing status to an Academy all the lease agreements were audited for us by the LAS highlighting significant overcharging in relation to our photocopiers. After withholding payments for 6 months the LAS helped the school and saved us over £120k which was remarkable. We upgraded the kit on 3 occasions but is appears the rolled-up leases charged us twice for the copiers which were on their ‘last legs’. Thanks LAS and good luck in your crusade in helping other schools. My advice is to get your leases audited as soon as possible .
Bursar, School in Lancashire

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