Why have your leases checked?

If you feel your school is suffering with poor equipment and expensive leasing payments you need to get your leasing portfolio AUDITED.
The LAS provides a bespoke audit service to schools and colleges who are seeking remedy to these unfair lease agreements through both negotiation and legal process.

  • You may have had the leases rolled up into a new lease and paid twice for the equipment.
  • You may still be paying for equipment way beyond ‘its sell by date’ and due to budgetary constraints you are unable to upgrade the copiers and IT equipment.
  • Leases may have been extended to 5, 7 or even 8 years effectively having paid for the equipment several times over .
  • You may have been significantly overcharged against RRP
  • You may be therefore be paying too much per month / per quarter
  • You may have been charged secret commissions
  • You may be unaware of other irregularities
  • You may be able to have the lease written off, receive a refund of payments and keep the equipment... or a combination of all three.

So, Headteachers, Bursars,Business Managers and Admin Managers ... get your leases audited and let’s get some funds back into your school which should have been there in the first place..
Many schools have benefitted significantly from our services enabling them to re-write their 3 year rolling budget with positive gain.

What our clients say...