How We Operate

  • Preparing Audit ReportThe initial Audit Report is prepared at no cost to the business. We require copies of all the agreements pertaining to your leased equipment including copies of previous leases which may have been ‘rolled- up’ into the current one. Supplier details and quotations will also be useful.
  • The report will indicate all financial and legal irregularities with an indication of how much has been overpaid to date and the total value of savings if the lease has a term to run or the value of a claim should the lease be paid up.
  • The report will highlight whether the case has lit the ‘GREEN LIGHT’ or the ‘RED LIGHT’
  • The status is fairly clear but Green will indicate a satisfactory lease and sometimes a poor value lease which is not worth pursuing at this stage  ....... and RED will recommend we pass the case onto our legal team to prepare the case for action.
  • We do not charge you any fee until there is an indication that there is a case to answer.
  • Once the engagement fee and Letter of Authority is secured we shall act on your behalf and pass the case over to our Solicitors who will engage you as their client.
  • Our Conditional Fee Agreement will cover all the legal costs should the case warrant court action. This will be explained to you in detail upon engagement.

From our experience we have been increasingly aware of Schools, LEA’s, Governors and Head Teachers who have been unable to pursue leasing issues due to the onerous legal costs associated with such action. The LAS, having worked closely with our team of Solicitors and BARRISTERS have solved this problem with a transparent business model.

Insurance Partners

In addition we have gained agreement from two leading international firms to provide

  • ‘After the Event’ Insurance (ATE). This further ensures that there are no legal fees. As a business we need to cover our costs which will come out of our success fee.
  • The whole process is clear and concise with no hidden charges and it is this transparency which has proved a very attractive option particularly for schools.



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